Live streaming

mediathand provides the absolute best quality live streaming in the world today. We can help you get your live events out to users worldwide on smartphones, pads, smart TVs... -you name it.

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We deliver TV streaming solutions for 24/7 backend media delivery.

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On demand streaming

We can stream your content in our world class quality anywhere. Whether your customer is at home, in a bus - even on a plane. If there's Internet, we deliver.

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Unmatched quality. The best experience.

In collaboration with our hosting partner, we provide a full, end-to-end, tailored streaming solution that gives your customers the best experience in the world.

Cutting bandwidth. It saves money...

We deliver the best quality video streaming. Period. We use only half the bandwidth of our competitors - that's twice the quality or half the streaming cost. You decide!

On demand streaming. Monetise it!

Ever tried watching a video that loads... and stalls... and buffers... Annoying, right? And since users today click away from an unresponsive page in a matter of seconds, it's not only annoying, it's devastating for business! We provide the technology that cuts the waiting and keeps the video playing.